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My Resume:

I have worked in the steel construction industry since 1976. I have worked as an ironworker in all types of steel construction with the majority of my career spent in structural steel erection. My forte is heavy rigging; one of the latest projects is listed below: The Sun Valley Music Pavilion.

I with a crew of ironworkers rigged and set several bridge type trusses the heaviest weighing over 75 ton. I had bid this job but my proposed price wasn’t the lowest. However, I had contracted projects in the past with the Construction Manager that had required very heavy rigging work and was awarded the contract because of the extreme complexity of the rigging involved.

The past 22 years I have worked as a bid cost estimator/project manager. While working in this capacity I developed and currently use a Micro-soft Excel based estimating workbook for estimating, tracking job costs and phase by phase job completion estimates. 32 linked spread-sheets generate an itemized Job Pricing Summary, calculate unit prices and reflect actual bid take-off durations. A “Schedule of Values” spreadsheet reads all the estimator’s take-off work-sheets and generates progress billing statements; an Earned Value Management System. (EVMS)
The series of spread-sheets are configured with built in formulas that calculate:
Structural steel erection
Miscellaneous fabrication installation
Steel decking installation
Steel siding installation
Pre-engineered building erection
Rebar installation
Pricing of contract change orders
QUALIFICATIONS: 34 years experience in steel erection
4 years as owner / manager of a steel erection business
5 years as field superintendent
17 years as project manager
22 years as structural steel estimator
- estimate range: up to 5 million dollars
- manage sub-contractors
- value engineering
- knowledge of AISC & AWS standards
- DOE/INL (Idaho National Laboratories) heavy rigging plans & pre-planning heavy rigging projects
- Have held national security ‘L’ clearance in the past

IDAHO IRON, INC. – Pocatello, Idaho - 1993-present
Position: Project Manager all Idaho National Laboratories (INL)
Duties: bid cost estimating, job management & heavy rigging supervision

EMPIRE STEEL – Blackfoot, Idaho
Position: Owner / Manager
Duties: estimating, job planning, scheduling

JACO STEEL, INC. – Idaho Falls, Idaho - 1981-1987
Position: Field Superintendent
Duties: personnel supervision, job planning, welding processes, and qualifications. Responsible for all critical rigging at the INL

SIMPLOT – Pocatello, Idaho - 1973-1980
Position: Iron Worker
Duties: maintenance, welding, fabrication, structural steel erection

Idaho National Laboratories – Scoville, Idaho - 1973-1980
Position: Ironworker / foreman

EDUCATION: 1973-1976 Ironworker local #732, Pocatello, Idaho
Ironworker’s apprenticeship program
1971 – Graduated from Snake River High School


While employed by IDAHO IRON, INC.
All Idaho Iron projects at the INL - 1993 thru present
Responsibilities: bid cost estimating
Pricing change orders
Project management
Written rigging & erection plans
Construction claims – impact / extended overhead

The following projects were managed by Gordon L. Woods.
EAST / WEST DRY CELL MODIFICATION – Idaho Naval Reactor Facility
Rigging the 130 ton bridge crane above the Dry Cell
Steel erection, rebar, steel siding and decking
Several remote rigging plans & Radiation area high consequence lifts
Steel erection and steel decking installation
Erected 5 pre-engineered buildings and rebar placement
E.C.F. DRY CELL project at the Idaho Naval Reactor Facility (INL)
OVERPACK BUILDING project at the Naval Reactor Facility
Steel erection, rebar installation
Rigged and set bridge crane
T.A.N. Bldg 679 Annex (INL)
Structural steel erection, rebar placement and steel siding & decking
Rigged & set bridge crane
Sun Valley Symphony Pavilion at Sun Valley Lodge, Idaho
Rigged and set a 54 ton and a 75 ton roof truss into position above the pavilion
Installed a Pfifeir cable-net roof system

While Sole Proprietor of EMPIRE STEEL:
Erected a 465 ft. bridge over the Trinity River at HAWKINS BAR California for CAL-TRANS.
Rigged and set 11’ deep steel bridge girders - 220’-0 span

AERIAL MEASUREMENTS OPERATIONS FACILITY at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada.
850 ton of structural steel
241,000 square ft. of steel decking
39,000 square ft. of corrugated steel siding
120 ton of miscellaneous steel, field assembled & welded onsite

Three TRAINING FACILTY STRUCTURES for the United States Air National Guard at Point MUGU Naval Facility in Oxnard, California.
320 tons of structural steel
43,000 square ft. of steel roof decking
160 ton of roof joists

While employed by JACO STEEL, INC.:
TREAT REACTOR BUILDING at Argonne National Laboratory (INL)
S.M.C. BUILDING adjacent to the Test Area North hangar (INL)

Eric Anderson - INL Contract Manager - (208) 526-8990
Jim Ovard - Ovard Construction - (208) 523-2821
Tim Jackson - Continental Steel - (208) 542-2848
Steve Zambarano - SE/Z Construction - (208) 528-9449
Arden Smith - Ormond Construction - (208) 522-4797
Mike Hoener - Steelwest - (208) 2371580
Bill Koch - K&T Steel - (208) 733-2554
Jerry Wellard - Idaho Iron - (208) 238-0661
Mark Kalakay - MarKal Construction - (208) 522-0938
Derek Wright - Intermountain Const - (208) 524-4322